Essex County 2019 Indoor Track & Field Championships

Monday, January 21st at Ocean Breezed Athletic Complex, Staten Island, NYC

Running Events: 9:00 AM


              Track                                                         Infield

          G 3200 Final          G-55m. High Hurdles Semis (Top 8 to Final) 

                                        B-55m. High Hurdles Semis (Top 8 to Final) 

                                            G-55m. High Hurdles Final 

                                            B-55m. High Hurdles Final 

              Upon completion of Hurdle Finals

               G-800m Run Final 

                                            G-55m. Dash Semis (Top 8 to Final) 

                                            B-55m. Dash Semis (Top 8 to Final) 

              Upon Completion of 55m trials 

               B-800m Run Final 

                                                               G-55m. Dash Final 

                                                                B-55m. Dash Final 

               G-200m. Dash Final

               B-200m. Dash Final  

               G-1600m. Run

               B-1600m. Run

               G-400m. Dash Final  

               B-400m. Dash Final 

               B-3200m Run

               G-4 x 400m Relay  

               B-4 x 400m Relay


               Shot Put – Girls followed by Boys

               High Jump – Boys and Girls will jump concurrently using two pits.

               High Jump will begin at the conclusion of the running events on the infield. 

               Opening height for girls will be 4 ft.4 in. and for boys 5 ft.4in.

               Pole Vault – Girls will begin vaulting with an opening height of 5 feet.

               Boys will enter the event at any height after the bar has been raised to 8 feet.