During the wrestling match between Irvington and Bloomfield last evening- the Irvington wrestler- Elijah Blizzard couldn’t get his head gear fastened. His opponent Bloomfield’s Nassir Simmons did it for him. In the scheme of things it was just a small interaction between two opponents that presumably had never met prior to this match. But although a small gesture it was significant. Significant that the one young man offered to do it without being asked, and significant because the other young man allowed him to do it. Their teammates saw what was happening and both teams applauded- the fans in attendance did likewise.
It is a pity that all too often adults fail to set the appropriate example for our youngsters- but it is encouraging when student athletes set an example we can all benefit from.
Kudos to both young men and to their coaches who obviously have developed a culture of respect within their programs for each other and their opponents. In this most physical of sports they do not view their opponent as their enemy. 
By the way the Irvington young man won by fall- but last night we all won. 
Steve Jenkins,
Director of Athletics
Bloomfield High School