The Greater Newark Baseball Tournament, the “GNT”, has completed its’ preliminary play and has filled in the last two seeds, 15 and 16, for the main draw.

East Side defeated Belleville in the third prelim and fills the 16th seed as Barringer eliminated Newark Academy to claim the 15th seed.

The First Round, of the sixteen seeded teams, is scheduled to play Friday afternoon, weather permitting, at the field of the higher seed. The Quarterfinals are set for Wednesday, May 11, higher seed, and the Semifinals to be played at Verona on Saturday, May 11, 11am and 3pm. The championship game will be hosted by Yogi Berra Stadium on the campus of Montclair State University. Game time is noon on Saturday, May 21.

The tournament bracket, completed through the preliminaries, may be viewed by clicking on the link below.


2022 GNT Bracket 1
2022 GNT Bracket 1
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